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Top NFT Projects to Keep an Eye Out for

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

NFT Buy List

[12:00 PM]


[12:01 PM]


[12:01 PM]


[12:01 PM]


[12:01 PM]


[12:03 PM]

This is my strongest conviction list, currently $AXIE is over extended so I would not be touching this one, however, looking at $SAND as my number 2 pick here going into Q4 would be the better play. Many of these projects will have increased volatility, as a result I would be very careful in the size of the position if I were to buy these at the moment. Also I believe that the NFT space will spill over to gaming or build a hybrid model that will have gaming and NFT together. This should mean that the projects should bleed into each other and create more user growth.

Top Conviction should be as follows in the following order


2. ENJ



5. AXIE - Due to high valuation and high short interest this one can continue to run, however, it does have more risk as the token has already 10x in just 1.5 month

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